My pipes were stolen!

So someone broke into my house and stole my laptop and a bunch of other stuff, but the jerk had the nerve to snag my pipes too! I am now pipeless! And I cannot afford even a Dr. Grabow right now. I’ll have to find a tobacconist here in Austin (I just moved this week) and get a corncob to tide me over. What kind of asshole steals a man’s pipes?

Oh sorry for the long absence I was going through a lot of stuff at school, and got hospitalized after I fell down some stairs, and got robbed, and moved. I’ll try to do a book review soon!

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Tobacco Review: Backwoods Black & Sweet

I was at the local Super Save last week buying a pouch of pipe tobacco. I’m not usually the cigar type- mainly because I enjoy smoking often and I really cannot justify spending ten dollars or more on something that will be smoked on a day. But I saw a pouch of Backwoods cigars and thought five bucks wasn’t bad for five cigars, so I bought them as a backup smoke.  This particular variety smelled like Cocoa Puffs cereal, and was a simple tapered cigar quick rolled in a vein-y leaf and open at both ends. Unfortunately mine were rock hard, but after a quick cheat re-hydration, they were moist enough to try so I lit one up.

A very sweet, chocolaty taste and smell (again, think Cocoa Puffs), with a loose, cool draw. No bite, plenty of nicotine. It’s pipe tobacco in a leaf, basically, and the price is great.