North Carolina in the Global Economy (Tobacco Industry Spotlight)

Today I am putting the spotlight on the Tobacco Industry. While many people, including myself, are not huge fans of business and economics, greed, and corporate scumbaggery, there is little doubt that without the tobacco industry, we pipe smokers would find it very hard to enjoy our passion. Here in America, it is certainly true that the state of North Carolina is a huge contributor to the tobacco industry, and is indeed the heart of American tobacco growing.

I lived in Raleigh for several years, and remember seeing acre after acre of beautiful green tobacco plants growing throughout the summer, and during harvest one could hardly go five minutes without seeing a battered old pickup truck loaded down with tobacco leaves, headed for market. Tobacco use of all kinds is practiced throughout the state, but I remember seeing a great many pipe smokers in North Carolina. There are also several large cigarette companies and plants based in the state, employing a great many Americans.

Though it is several years old, Duke University has a good overview of the tobacco industry in North Carolina at the following website- North Carolina in the Global Economy, Tobacco. A good overview of how the state of North Carolina is a big player in the global tobacco industry. American smokers should be thankful for our brothers in North Carolina- they help make it possible for us to enjoy our tobacco on a daily basis!

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