Lane Tobacco Freebie

Just received my FREE pouch of Sail Aromatic from STG Lane, makers of Sail, Sir Walter Raleigh, Troost, Borkum Riff, and Half & Half tobaccos, among others. I went to this website, clicked the FREE SAMPLE link, and a few weeks later voila, here is my Sail Aromatic. A very light aromatic, in my opinion. Just a bit of anise flavoring for me. Smells and tastes quite mild, like SWR or PA with a drop of flavoring. Not goopy or wet at all, very long shaggy strips that need to be carefully loaded, or manicured a bit, to stay lit, but there is a major tongue bite. Also with the pouch I got a coupon for $3 off another pouch, so I’ll probably go back and get a Troost- I’ve never tried it yet. So don’t miss out, there are a few states they won’t send to, but if you are interested in a free tobacco sample (and who isn’t?) then definitely go to the website and get yours today!


P.S. Any idea what on earth a Borkum Riff is? Check out Wikipedia!